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Robert Zimmerman

The best ! Dr Kreuzer and the Inov8 team are the go to pros when other Dr's want their knees done. He is the sharp one in the cutting edge of knee and hip surgery.

Michelle Rush

I had very minimal wait time as a new patient. Went directly to x-ray and that department was able add my knees to be xrayed, even though I forgot to mention that when I scheduled my appointment. Dr Kruezer explained what was going on with me, answered my questions and referred me out to physical therapy for both my hip and knees. My husband was referred to Dr Kreuzer from a friend who had a hip replacement and now my husband is having knee work done.


I am fixing to have a knee replacement on my right knee on May 9th and I love Dr. Stephen Kruezer , he did a left knee replacement on November 1, 2011. and I think he is an amazing person and the greatest orthopedic specialist in this USA. He and his team are just amazing, his office staff is TOP NOTCH. I would recommend this Inov8 Orthopedics group to everyone.

John Sparks

I was scheduled for 2 hips and 1 knee replacement with another surgeon and was having major communication issues with his staff & hospital so I did a search and after exploring their website scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kreuzer at INOV8 ... so glad I did! They scheduled me in within a few days for the initial consultation and my experiences with the receptionist, the nurse, the x-ray tech, Dr. Kreuzer, the scheduler and the other staff in passing was a friendly & pleasant experience. I'm sure when I'm done with all 3 procedures I'll be on a 1st name basis with everyone in the office!!!

James Heineman

As of the time of this review, I'm in the 8th day following a full knee replacement. All has gone very well up to this point. At this stage of the process, I would definitely recommend Dr. Kreutzer and his staff at Inov8 Orthopedics.

Liza Cuero

I have suffered with knee pain for several years. I went from crutches, cane,and then a walker before I was 50! Finally I needed a rollater with a seat. I was referred to several higly respected orthopedic surgeons. Who barely took the time to hear and listen to my concerns. I gave up, now fast forward I am 54 my daily life was torture! Until I had surgery on 2/14/18. My Dr Krueger and his team have given me a new lease on life. The care and straight talk approach is so refreshing. I was able to walk standing straight hours after a total knee replacement! If you want and appreciate the Truth with a plan! This is where you need to be!!!!! Bless you all...#8daysandcounting!!!!

J Walther

I came to Dr. Kreuzer after having an unsatisfactory consult with another orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Kreuzer took the time to answer my many questions to my satisfaction and helped me analyze my healthcare needs. At his suggestion I had allergy tests prior to my knee replacement surgery to test for sensitivity to metals and surgical cement. As it turns out, I was allergic to the cement. Because of this, I had to have a completely different type of knee prostheses, which his office was able to locate in Australia and get to the hospital for my surgery 4 days later. I was impressed. I had no complications post op, but I was not surprised because of Dr. Kreuzer's drive for excellence and innovation. Dr. Kreuzer obviously goes the extra mile for his patients and I feel fortunate to have had him as my surgeon for my first knee replacement and have scheduled my second replacement with him for next year.

Makoplasty® Testimonials

Susan Hemminger
Jerry H.

Thirty days have gone by and I am now (waited to see the results) going to write a letter to Foundation Surgical Hospital as well as post this to the Rotary District 5890 website which is looked at by over 4000 Rotarians plus their family and friends. Dr. K and the Mako Plasty procedure should be shared with the world. As far as I am concerned this truly is a medical miracle. Walking without pain is the most wonderful thing. It really changed my life. I will always be in your debt.

On 10/31/07 I had a partial knee replacement operation. I walked (sort of) in like a duck, and at 9:30 they took me to the OR and I was back in my room by 1:00. At 1:30 a nurse came and said it was time to walk. I walked without a limp, cane or knee pain. The arthritic knee joint cannot have gone past a certain stage, but if a person is there it is like a miracle. If you would like to see this computer driven surgery info go to My surgeon, Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, was very skillful and more than great, and the Mako Surgical computer controlled the boundaries of the drill so the hole for the implant was perfect. If a person could use this procedure that would be wonderful. There are only 5 of these machines in the world, one of which is here in Houston at Foundation Surgical Hospital and there only two surgeons in Houston certified to use the machine. I know in my heart that my doctor is the best! I am going to write an article for the Rotary District website. There are a lot of Rotarians in the 50 to 70 age group that could benefit.

Please note that I do daily exercises and take walks to strengthen my leg and get the range of motion in my knee back. It is great to walk without pain (I get very emotional about this!). I also lost 26 pounds which I needed to do anyway, but good physical shape improves the outcome of anything.

Read Jerry's Letters to Foundation Surgical Hospital and the Rotary District


New technology eliminates guesswork in knee surgeries

Operating with a computer-assisted visualization guide consisting of one high-def TV for Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and another for an associate who keeps watch over the software, a robotic arm gently directs the surgeon’s hand as he chisels an ever-so-precise chunk from the tip of a patient’s arthritis-damaged femur. Should Kreuzer wander off course the least little bit, the computer squawks irritably, then locks him down cold.

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